Who am I?


Some of the finest minds this world has ever known have deliberated their existence for eons and never settled on a satisfactory conclusion. My brain could ponder for just as long and never master the art of knowing who I am, so instead I am going to lead with who I want to be. If the world reeked of perfection I’d be juggling between script commissions, a best selling novel and a stack of magazine cut outs. At the moment I’d contentedly clutch at one of the three.

10 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I had a college professor who used to say that when you start questioning who you are that’s when you cease to be. I think it’s not only more than okay, but normal to not be able to answer ‘Who am I?’ Perhaps even more preferable than to be able to answer it. Well done.


  2. Well this is certainly short and sweet! I love the minimalist approach, makes you seem mysterious.

    Keep writing! And maybe within the year, you and I will be editing screenplays together, lol.



    1. Ha, thank you, I have definitely been favouring the short and sweet (or perhaps sour) approach lately…. my writing hand is tired too, just as you said in yours! Fingers and toes and everything physiologically moveable crossed! Hehe.


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