The Liebster.


Liebster Award

As I opened my eyes and clutched my iPhone this morning I noticed I had been nominated for a Liebster Award. I once won a £10 WHSmith voucher for completing a crossword puzzle, so this latest accolade is just one of many along my tumultuous journey towards BAFTA/Oscar fame. Obviously.

The lovely Lyra nominated me, so from henceforth for this post I shall do as she says…

11 Facts about me

  1. In case you hadn’t noticed, I am a touch sarcastic. It is the highest form of wit.
  2. I love cats too much. But not in a weird way.
  3. I wish unicorns were real.
  4. When I was younger I wanted to be a pop star, an actress or a brain surgeon, so I once auditioned for The X Factor.
  5. I have a fetish for clothes.
  6. I have a fetish for shoes.
  7. I have a fetish for notebooks.
  8. I have a fetish for patterned plates.
  9. I’ve always wanted to try being blonde and I’m halfway there.
  10. I once was proposed to by a man in Las Vegas because I told him I wanted to live in LA. He was from Texas, he was about sixty but he had a superb cowboy hat.
  11. My head lives in the clouds 80% of the time. Today is very cloudy.

11 Answers to Lyra’s questions…

  1. What is your greatest passion?


  1. What is your favourite colour and why?

Black. It’s chic.

  1. Have you ever been in love?

Yes. Once unsuccessfully, once successfully.

  1. How do you deal with difficult moments?

I have vices.

5. What brings you peace?

Literally… meditation, pavement pounding. Figuratively… knowing that one day I’ll get there.

  1. What is your favourite book?

I will never stumble upon an answer to this question. Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Alchemist, Harry Potter… I could go on…

  1. Do you have something that you’ve owned your entire life?

An oversized stuffed polar bear that my Dad purchased when I was born. Apparently that is what men do when they’re excited, they buy polar bears.

  1. What’s your best “birthday” memory?

A happy meal in McDonalds after crimping my hair and getting an oversized troll doll. Just my Dad and me.

  1. What’s the most original gift you were ever given?

A cat from Japan that steals all my money and lives in a box. Don’t worry, he’s well looked after.

  1. What was your favourite holiday and why?

Drifting from the East to West Coast of America, because their optimism is infectious and they love an English accent. Or Disneyland. Because everyone was impossibly happy 100% of the time and it rubbed off. But then I returned to London. Londoners aren’t as happy.

  1. What’s your favourite flower? Why?

Orchids. Because they’re high maintenance.

11 questions to my nominees…

  1. What is your favourite word?
  2. What is your least favourite word?
  3. When did you last laugh?
  4. Where’s Wally (or Waldo for my American friends)?
  5. What would you do with a lottery win?
  6. Who would play you in a film about your life?
  7. If you had a superhero power what would it be?
  8. What was the last book you read?
  9. What is your first thought when you wake up?
  10. If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be?
  11. What do you think of my blog?

11 nominees…

Lhu Wen Kai



a Boy Named Sue

K. Renae P.









13 thoughts on “The Liebster.

  1. Ok I just stumbled across my nomination here!! And I have also been nominated by theWitch over at , apparently after you nominated her…! I was telling her how I can’t even remember my last reward, especially literature (reading/writing) related…probably in third grade..and so I get rewarded twice in one day:D I suppose fate sensed my desperation:$…..but anyhooo I am grateful nevertheless… I shall get back to you soon with my answers…Thanks again:)


    1. Haha! Ah sorry, I thought I left comments with all my nominees on their blogs, I was doing it all in a rush, maybe I missed telling you! I’m glad you’ve seen it though! I know what you mean, I was rather pleased too, I’m the same, all my awards were from school!


    1. Fab fab fab. You were very good to answer all three of us that nominated you! And thank you for your very kind words about my blog… so lovely. You definitely do deserve a macaroon! x


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