Day 66.


They dance through the air, they pop with grace and they’re the most magic of transformations from otherwise banal ingredients. Bubbles have the power to transfigure even the most peppery of adult minds. #100happydays #day66

5 thoughts on “Day 66.

  1. Another great one to leave me thinking!
    I have tried to start it off and just posted my day one. I’ve added a category and made a new page to put all my posts on it, but it’s not working like yours! How do I get it so if I click on my 100 happy days page link on my blog it shows all the posts I’ve made for it? x


    1. Really pleased you’ve made a start with it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Have you added the category to your menu, that makes it show up as a page link if that’s what you mean? You also need to select the category each time you write one too! x


      1. Yes! I figured it out with much playing around. Thanks lovely 🙂 I did make a start! However we got the call from ofsted yesterday so they’ve been in yesterday and today. I hace thought long and hard and definitely can’t find much happy to write about. Hahaha


      2. Ah sorry, I was slow to reply! Oh no! I remember Ofsted being stressful enough as a child at school so I can’t imagine what it’s like as a teacher! I do find though that it’s helpful in moments like that just to take a long look around you and find something to be happy about, even if its something in your house, an item of clothing, an ornament, food… even the tiniest of things. I think it’s even more important to find something positive in stressful times! x


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