Day 75.


In need of summer decoration for the feet. Inexperienced applicants only. Will teach you the ways of the world and introduce you to a vast network of other footwear friends in comfortable wardrobe lodgings. Plenty of sunshine and lazy days included. Unique features appreciated. #100happydays #day75


3 thoughts on “Day 75.

  1. This has never been my thing. Shoes I mean. And now occasionally, if ever I feel like treating myself to a nice pair of shoes, either my feet look like hideous creatures who shrivel under the son and I retreat like a scared pup, OR my 31 year old achy feet remind me that I can’t pull of any fancy sandals or heels. I know. Pathetic. But true. sniffles


    1. Haha, well it’d certainly space saving not to be a shoe addict, so I consider you lucky! I’ve always fancied being one of those old women in years to come that still wears skyscraper heels and pulls them off!


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