Day 94.


A sunny Sunday of penguins, Cotswolds countryside, rum&raisin, dead fish and birds both winged and womanly. The cherry on my weekend cake came disguised as a duo of mischievous parrots that are forever trapped in a toxic world of green gloop beneath a drinking cup, all courtesy of my little cherub playmate for the day. I will grant them a good abode. #100happydays #day94


2 thoughts on “Day 94.

  1. Waddup Laura, I’ve been following your posts and this series for sometime now and can I say you have amazing photography skills. It’s so effortless, and it brings out everything in the image, and shine the important ones even more. Amazing.

    Take care!


    1. Ah thank you! That’s really lovely of you to say so. I love your Instagram by the way, you take great photos, and it’s lovely watching you doing film projects as that’s what I used to do too!


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