Today I am to take my cue from the first word on page 29 of the nearest book, and write a letter inspired by this word. So to Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire I turn, and to the word ‘Chance’.



Dear Chance,

I saw you lying there, dumped amidst a pile of the unwanted.

Once more you have fooled me. I am repeatedly bribed by your potential, so I persistently give you away, even when I should grip you tight between blood drained fingertips.

For years you have been masquerading – dressing yourself in beautiful gowns that are ill fitting. It is a clever facade, one of trust, of dogma and desire, but in reality you are a mere consequence of these; you are what we stoop to when we are longing for them instead.

I thought I’d spend a lifetime incessantly giving you away, but I shall be more frugal in spending your currency.


Laura Gabrielle Feasey.

19 thoughts on “Tennessee.

  1. I connect with this on different levels but confused about your meaning. What is it that you aren’t holding unto that you should? Also how do you connect chance with desire?


    1. It is rather abstract! I’m basically saying that I’m too free with my chances and that I should give people less, rather than giving chance after chance to some… perhaps rather a cynical view? When I say that chance is a consequence of desire I’m referring to the desire to make someone different, by giving them another chance… hopefully that makes sense?!


      1. That makes perfect sense, thank you. I have a many a thought on change off the heart and currently in the process of writing an article on it

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      2. This subject has become more than just a theory for me. It has consumed my mind for many years and cause me no small amount of pain. It’ll probably more than an article since I just started and it’s already 2 pages long.


      3. I spoke to a poet last week about writing and he said that writers often have to find other interests, things to even get obsessed about… this may qualify for you then?!


      1. I think if we don’t have real want to hang onto something or if it gives us trouble we tend to let go. Perhaps, often for self – preservation as you say. If we don’t have it it can’t hurt you.


      2. Exactly! It’s human nature to keep everything that’s painful as far away as possible isn’t it? But you might be right, if it was really important to us we’d hang onto it!


    1. Actually the only connection to Tennessee was the fact I got the prompt word from Tennessee Williams’ book! It was more that giving people multiple chances is perhaps a little overrated… but that’s what I adore about writing, everyone interprets things so differently!

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      1. I understand that about giving people many chances. I did that with an ex of mine and it gave me more grief than happiness.


  2. I liked this! The first line made me think you were picking up a dog that had been dumped on the side of the road and named him Chance. LOL I’m amazed at how my mind sometimes works.


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