Today’s task was to talk of fears, in a style distinct from my own. So in taking a break from my seemingly endless sentences I have crammed ten full stops into just fifty three words…



My blood had chilled. It was flowing around my body in an icy haze. He was taunting me. I was petrified.

He could read every sign. Of course he could. You don’t miss much with eight eyes.

I was minding my own business. He invaded my peripheral. Now we were at a standoff.


25 thoughts on “Arachnophobe.

  1. I love it! I actually like spiders. They eat bugs! I try and keep a few in the house.


      1. LOL! I’ve had that happen in the cellar. My wife went down to do laundry and came running up screaming. They had hatched and covered half the ceiling with webs overnight. 😀


      1. Haha sorry! But it’s quite naughsty to squish them. I’d prefer to capture and release outside.


      2. It is, you’re right, and I’m such an animal lover that it does make me feel awful to hurt something, but I’m not comfortable if there’s one around until I know it’s definitely gone. I don’t see them much being in London anyway, which I guess is as good for the spiders as it is for me!


      3. We have a ton of spiders here and I’ve seen some preeetty big spiders around that compliment some preeeetty big mosquitoes. These I have no problem smashing.


      4. Ooh yes mosquitoes are not friendly at all. I have never been bitten by a spider (touch wood), but I have been chomped on by plenty of mosquitoes and would happily never encounter one for the rest of my days.

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