Letting my pencil run away with itself again today with a free writing task…


As each limb twisted you could see muscles sliding beneath dense black tufts of fur. He was short and stocky, a compact beast with a thick skin. He thudded through the green reeds and shook the ground with every step. Any obstacle that sat in his path was torn or battered with a fierce might that would strike down most in one fatal blow. His shoulder blades rippled underneath the skin as he forced his way through the jungle, his thick fingers grasping at everything within reach, inspecting it before throwing it away or throwing it down his gullet.

They usually travelled in troops. But he was a lonely soul. Originally it wasn’t by choice, but today he wouldn’t want another way. They were forever taught they needed each other to survive, but he had proven that the strongest need only themselves.

He spied her cowering in the distance. He could sense the eyes on his back and he turned to find her recoiling between the vines, looking tentatively upwards at him. Her eyes weren’t like the others. He recognised their haloed amber. This is what had drawn him in before.

The mighty beast bowed his head and held his hand out to her. She edged at the beckoning gesture, slowly foot-stepping towards him. His eyes had grown sadder since the last time. Then she was drawn in by the pools of fury but now they were saturated with longing.

As she reached his side there came a cry from behind, he tensed without hesitation, pushing her behind him, flaring his chest and standing tall whilst scrutinising every corner in search of the noise. He winced as she grasped his rigid arm, but he dismissed her and started to violently hack at the surrounding wilderness.

After moments of study he admitted defeat and retreated to her side. She touched his face with her forefinger and turned to show him what she had been cradling on her back. The miniature beast had the same amber halo of her eyes, but it was flecked with the burnt orange that blazed within his own.

The taut muscles in his face started to soften. His thick brow raised upwards and his menacing glare turned into something that she had never seen in him before. He was smiling.


14 thoughts on “Beast.

  1. holy cow the story had me captivated. Although I would like to know what was the cause of his sadness? I’m guessing loneliness because seeing his son brought him joy?


  2. Hmm. I love your writing (I think I’ve said that before), but I’m not sure about this one. I like the idea and the sadness and the strong/vulnerable and the ending – but something isn’t quite clicking. For all the rippling and taut muscles and flexed chests, I keep thinking that this is a bit flabby and could do with a diet of words. But hey, wtf do I know … nothing.


    1. Haha, I think I should probably go on a word diet sometimes! I did feel as though I repeated myself in the first paragraph a little, but I just wasn’t being brutal enough with the edit, I think this course has worn me out. Thanks for the thoughts, it’s always good to get a little constructive disapproval!


  3. Wow, Laura, it troubles me to know that it’s taken me to the end of this course to stumble upon your blog. I haven’t read any of your other pieces (yet), but there is a power to your imagery and story telling that it compelling. Bravo.

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    1. Thank you very much! There were so many blogs taking part I did miss a few too… I tended to post around the same time every day so usually caught up with the same people doing the same! I’ll have a wander over to you now though. 🙂

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