Adolescent Male.



Photography 101 day 8… ‘The Natural World.’

Adolescent Male.


With each tread of his hooves his branched horns swerved backwards, his mouth edged upwards, his lips parted and he let out a bellowing cry. He commanded attention from them with every mark he made in the mud. But the females remained silent, their backs turned and their bodies laid firmly on the ground.


18 thoughts on “Adolescent Male.

    1. I confess it was a few weekends ago but it just seemed too perfect for the brief and it has been pouring with rain all week here! This is Bushy Park in south west London, I live in Kingston, which is just a little walk from lots of the lovely city parks… they make you feel a million miles from civilisation when it’s only a few footsteps away 🙂


    1. How funny, I was just thinking to myself yesterday that I need to have a wander over to your blog and see what you’ve been up to lately! This was taken in Bushy Park, on the outskirts of London… it is filled with deer.


      1. I think 99% is perfect for inspiration and imagination. Dreams and clouds are often the source of wonderful ideas. It is also linked, I think, to the way we preserve a part of our children souls (I do not know if it is the correct expression in English). This is, in my opinion, how we can manage to see, shoot, paint, draw or write magic in the world. Thank you for a little piece of yours, I love it.

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      2. That’s lovely, thank you. And well said… children definitely have great imaginations, they are completely limitless,which is fascinating.

        We’d probably say ‘childlike’, but your English is so good, better than most English people!


      3. Thank you, I love the English language, I find it melodiously punchy and efficient. I love speaking it but I sadly do not have enough chances of doing so. I have been wanting to live in the UK for years now, but never could. Yet, at least. I apologize in advance though for the awkward mistakes I can make.
        Regarding children imagination, I find it sad that most scholar systems suffocate it with the imposition of a narrow point of view and a “right way” of doing things. Children are genius sponges, that can create and learn an incredible amount of things. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and use the imagination of myself as a child. Where is my damn time machine??


      4. Children definitely are that, and yes, there are too many rules and regulations these days to keep their creativity flowing.

        That’s funny you say that about the English language, I always thought French sounded very romantic and beautiful!

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      5. Frustrated children can make unsatisfied adults, and unsatisfied adults can frustrate children. Bad circle really.

        I had a long talk once with an american friend, and she said the same thing about the French language. I guess that we are each attracted to the other language for what it brings us that our own doesn’t?

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