Photography 101 day 9…”warmth”


Whispering tendrils tickled the lungs, making the most of their precious seconds before they were to be released back into the world.


26 thoughts on “Vice.

    1. That’s exactly the reason I have so many lighters around the house… to be fair I gave up rather easily as I was never a fully fledged smoker, but I know how difficult it can be, my boyfriend has just given up and his mood definitely went south for a few weeks!


      1. So many lighters for candles or as a reminder you used to smoke like a Damocles sword? Quitting was easier than expected, but still, sometimes I kind of miss the good ones. E-cigarettes helped me a lot for the first weeks. I don’t know if it could help your boyfriend but that’s one way 🙂 Anyway, the old vice left and was replaced by a new one: sugar. Man, it is never over is it?


      2. Truthfully, it’s mainly just because I have an obsession with candles and room fragrance, and there were so many lighters across our house there has just never been the need to get matches. Plus I do have a very nice black Zippo, I can’t throw that away. He has got a vaping pipe, it’s a bit like an Egyptian shisha, it’s rather odd!

        Haha no it’s never over, although I’m not sure what my new vice is, I’d love to say it’s running, but that just doesn’t sound right…


      3. I valid the obsession of candles, and share it. I do love Zippos, no way on throwing them away, especially an odd one. The oddest the better 🙂
        If running is a vice, than I will definitely be more vicious to get rid of the side effects of sugar!

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      4. I trick my own system too as it is the only way I found for him to accept what he disagrees on: healthy food.
        He is a cheese addict. In France we say “Le gras c’est la vie” (Fat is life). But you know, not getting too fat, not dying at age 30, not getting diabetes… we kind of have to work for it. :/

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      5. Hi Laura, I disappeared a for a little while. Best whishes for the New Year! All the best and all. 😉 How have you been?
        End of the year was crazy. Sorry it took that long to answer you and show you the pictures!

        Here is for your appetite, and if you are a cheese lover, you will understand how hard this is to walk pass this everyday 🙂
        (because I am a techtarded sometimes I created a special page to share the pictures, I didn’t really know how to do differently)

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      6. Hi! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy new year to you too!

        My goodness, there is a lot of cheese there! I spotted the one with the holes instantly, it’s one of my favourites!

        I’ve been well thank you… looking forward to a year filled with lots of writing 🙂 How about you?

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      7. A lady with taste I see 😉

        Thanks for your wishes!
        Getting started again on the blog, full of good resolutions, like each year. But determined to stick to them this time. Hopefully there will be more writing in it too 🙂

        I wanted to ask, I know it is different for all writers but I find all the answers really interesting, where do you find your inspiration? If it is not indiscrete of course 🙂

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      8. That’s good, I managed to keep up with blogging quite well last year with the WordPress courses, so you should try signing up to a few, it might help. They will also help with inspiration too, as will the daily prompts and the Friday photo challenges.

        Otherwise there’s a whole myriad of places I go to for inspiration. Some magazines I submit to have themed issues, so that’s inspiration in itself, otherwise I keep my eye out for interesting little things in newspapers and magazines, and I keep clippings of anything that I think might spark an idea later on if I’m stuck. If I get annoyed about something in life, on the TV or in the news I usually know that’s a good subject to sink my teeth in to. Otherwise I take quite a lot of inspiration from things that have happened to me, I have a long list of little tales I want to tell… they often change a bit when I do but that’s definitely a writer’s prerogative and all part of the process.

        I hope that helps! 🙂

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      9. That does help, a lot.
        I like the idea of getting inspired in little things around.
        Sometimes I clic on something, but if I do not write at least a little sentence about it somewhere, I forget it, or I forget what intrigued me in it when I finally get my fingers out of my nose and get to “work”.

        I have a plethora of dreams I want to start novels from. But, man, it seems my fingers can’t stop being everywhere but to work. And my head to.

        How do you keep the motivation up? Through the daily courses? Through a strict routine? By kicking yourself in the tibias? 😀

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      10. Yes you’re right to do that, I’ve often done the same, sometimes I’ve even kept a page from a newspaper and then come across it months or years after and wondered which story I was interested in!

        Motivation just has to completely come from within, you can’t fake it, especially when it comes to writing something like a novel, as it’s such a massive commitment. I’ve not even scratched the surface of where I’d like to be as a writer at the moment and it’s been quite a long slog already, so the best advice I can give is that you’ve really got to love it! And yes, I need a definite kick sometimes when my motivation has disappeared!

        It’s a difficult discipline, I haven’t finished a novel yet, it’s hard enough doing short stories! But I will say that you’ll probably only know if an idea works once you start writing it. I had an idea for a novel in my head for years, and when I finally decided to start it last November I spent a month trying to make it work and it just wouldn’t, so I had to let it go, which was very difficult, but it saved me from wasting my time. Plus now I have a (hopefully fantastic) new idea! I like to believe things happen for a reason! 🙂

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      11. You are completely right, short stories are already kind of out of my league. So a novel?! Far far away, in another galaxy!
        I need to start small, work hard on small things and then move up to bigger projects.

        I have to admit (and am not proud of), that I only wrote 1 entire (very) short story, and it was 4 years ago for a contest (that I did not win) {does it start to look like a sad anecdote?). Anyway, I succeeded in working on and finishing it because there were a known deadline and a known theme. I guess that (like in theatrical improvisation) “contraints frees the imagination” as they set a frame, and help push yourself to your limits but also help your mind to focus in one direction.

        That is great that your attempt, even if not successful itself, unlocked another idea that has potential. I agree with you: everything happens for a reason (sometimes the reason is discovered really late in time after the things, but it does). And I also think that trying, and failing, unlocks a lot of hidden ideas or stuff in the “creative spirit” (if I can call it that way). It’s basically like a massive brainstorming, but with yourself. And is there a better way to talk to your subconscient than writing?

        Maybe I didn’t search good enough, but is there somewhere on your blog where I can read “Waiting for no man” ? It has been hitching my curiosity such a title 🙂


      12. Starting small is definitely a good idea, but aim high! Themes do definitely help you focus on finding an idea, but they can often be so widely interpreted that they don’t limit you too much.

        I hadn’t published the story on my blog because I didn’t want to discourage anyone from buying the magazine, but they did luckily include both pages of my story in their website preview of the issue. If you go to my post about it…

        … and click on the link to the magazine, then flick through the preview to the end and you can just about see mine. It’s not the clearest picture as it is just supposed to be a preview but it’s just about legible! Let me know what you think! 🙂


      1. Haha noooooo I don’t need or want one! I have enough problems without looking. Imaging what would happen to me if I actually started to pursuit vices?! I’d be a walking wrek


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