For the next two weeks, as part of the WordPress Writing 201 Poetry course, I shall be turning poet. Poet laureate in the making I am not, but here is today’s task… to write a Haiku poem, with water as the subject, and including a simile.



The surface, distant.

Finally, her lips gave in.

It seized, like feathers.

22 thoughts on “Asphyxiate.

  1. There is some cognitive dissonance to “seized, like feathers” that is quite gripping, especially so coupled with such that ominous “It”; maybe the surface, maybe death, maybe something more nefarious. Enjoyed the piece.

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    1. That’s such an insightful interpretation, thank you for sharing it. There is something interesting about a description that fits both a mental and a physical horror, it demonstrates how closely the two are interlaced…


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