The poetic task on this happy Friday was to write an elegy on the subject of ‘fog’, using a metaphor. Here goes…



The sight was hazed, the stature awry,

When whistling chaperoned the blindness.

Our bones would knock as sea-sick rocks,

As we tripped the dance of the inebriated.


Thanks to the Daily Post for the photo prompt.


22 thoughts on “Rat.

    1. I took the idea of fog and thought about the fog caused by alcohol, and the way it affects people, blurred vision, hazy hearing, tumbling body movements, etc. The title was a play on a very English term of drunk, ‘ratted’ but perhaps also alludes to a ‘love rat’, I’m not sure, it just came out! I hope that helps 🙂

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  1. The message of your poem was entirely clear to me – and quite amusing! I picked up on the oblique reference to ‘fog’, even though you didn’t use the word. Plus anything inspired by Champagne has got to be good! (humm. it just occurs to me that I immediately understood your metaphor, as I have experienced that sort of fog first-hand a time or two 🙂

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