Today I have been slicing words from magazines like a blackmailing pro, to create what is known as ‘Found Poetry’. Here’s what I discovered amidst the piles of paper words…IMG_3327


Panoramic florals amplify the monochrome morning.

You rave with that cheap thrill,

Artificial in flirtation,

A moonphase away from a world

Quilted in blue.


31 thoughts on “Fickle.

  1. I really, really love this. And you really did capture all those cool fonts! I swear, we are going to be making all kinds of ‘ransom’ note poetry now. I just went through the Elle and went “oooh, I want that word, and that one and that one….” I am going to be snipping out all kinds of words now.

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      1. I know what you mean! As it is i collect colored paper from magazines to make paper stars, but now not a single page will be safe. But at least I can clear out stacks of magazines easier…Who wants to read an article when half the words are cut out. 😛


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