A four day week is an affair of proportions so glorious that it means Friday has come without my usual straggling spirit and dwindling dynamism. And so it is with my seldom felt Friday fizz that I bring you The Hemingway Day, and six words that together make a very jolly piece of flash fiction. What a difference a day makes.



His veins strained as she squirmed.

Thanks to The Daily Post for the prompt, ‘Afloat’, which prompted me, for some reason, to think about suffocation, and the floating of blood amidst veins. Don’t judge me, I’m really a rather happy soul.

25 thoughts on “Choke.

      1. Haha, thank you! It’s lovely to hear as I feared my natural inclination towards the somewhat macabre might be deemed a little strange. Although saying that, a little dose of weirdness never hurt anyone. I am sure you will find something wonderful 😀


      2. I don’t have the inclination and may even be afraid of it after midnight, but as long as it’s daylight, I’m fine. Hahaha.
        What’s weirdness anyways? Better that than the boredom of fitting and conforming. 🙂

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      3. Ha, you’ll be thankful that the nights are drawing out then! That’s a good point, I guess we only judge weirdness by the majority being deemed as ‘normal’, I’ll try to remember that…


      4. I’m already! Remember that! Creative, innovative people, I.e. the ones who make life in general move ahead, and also be more interesting, are called ‘weirdos’ because they are not complying to sameness.
        Keep being yourself.

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  1. Wow! 55 bloggers liked this! You must be so proud. Congratulations. I’m Janice. I found you in the Community Pool. I liked the veins in the hand. Thanks for checking mine out. Here is the link to my About Me page. What do you think of the colors? They were criticized but I didn’t understand the comment. Feel free to comment right on there. Thanks, Here is the link:

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  2. Wow! I came over here from Community Pool and can’t leave. Your words have sucked me in. I can only aspire to be such a great writer some day. Is this your own picture or did you find it somewhere? I’m struggling with images right now on my blog as both of my cameras are broken and my iPhone lens is foggy. Trying to make do with Canva designs and my husband’s iPhone pics.

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    1. What a lovely compliment, thank you so much! This one was quite a palaver… it was actually an angiogram I found online, but I edited it in photoshop, then I put the image on my iPad, and took a photo of the iPad against a white wall. I don’t often use images that aren’t my own but if I do I try to make them my own with methods like that! I think it’s good practise to think outside the box a little if you’re borrowing an image. You never know, you having limited access to your usual cameras might be blessing in disguise, you might discover some completely new and unique ways of illustrating your blog!


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