The Monday Muse. 27 hours.


This afternoon I realised that it takes me four minutes and 29 seconds to peel a satsuma. That’s over 31 minutes a week, which is around 1,631 minutes a year… otherwise known as 27 hours.

It has come as quite a shock to me that such a block of my time is dedicated to one of my five a day, and it has had me wondering how much time I waste on other humdrum tasks.

Five minutes more wasted and I have come up with this little list.

  1. Trying to get rid of pins and needles – 260 minutes
  2. Hiccuping – 312 minutes
  3. Stifling a yawn – 60 minutes
  4. Proofreading my text messages – 1,820 minutes
  5. Figuring out the meaning of an emoji – 60 minutes
  6. Trying to decide if I want sugar in my tea – 260 minutes

I hope you can understand why I am keeping this post short. I’m off to invent some time-saving, multi-tasking techniques.

NB If you think my satsuma peeling time is excessive, it’s because I have a fear of the straggly white bits.





19 thoughts on “The Monday Muse. 27 hours.

  1. I don’t even know what satsuma is, so I’m perfectly unprejudiced against your peeling it 😉 I think I get your point though. It’s scary but probably unavoidable. And I just realised you’re using the same category name as I, “Monday Muse” – so here’s to satsumas and alliteration!

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  2. Fun exchange thread. I love pealed fruits and I too proof my text to make sure I’m not cussing someone out inadvertently – or – that I am! Not much of a tea drinker – I prefer wine (no sugar added).

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    1. Thanks Leslie! Haha, that’s another thing I find dangerous with texts, not only the accidental typos, but the punctuation, it often goes misread, and I’m sure has lead to many an argument! I can get on board with the wine drinking, and I’d happily consider it as a tea replacement 😉


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