The Hemingway Day. Watching You.

I smith words. Here are six.


Watching You.



Foolishly, we thought we were alone.



At a risk of spoiling the literary illusion, this photo was taken at a very deserted Hampton Court, when it was closed for a snow day. This week’s theme at the Daily Post is ‘Off-Season‘.

12 thoughts on “The Hemingway Day. Watching You.

    1. I’m in Kingston so just a walk from Hampton. It has a really deserted park behind it which is lovely for some peace amidst the London chaos. I am yet to go back in the maze. I found it magical when I was seven. I don’t want to shatter the nostalgia, because I bet it’s not that difficult to navigate as an adult…


      1. Haha, they are rather notorious around here, but I must say I’ve not been to either myself, I moved here at 27, when my clubbing days were long gone. I’m quite glad Hampton Court was shut in the snow now, that part of The Shining is terrifying.


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