Literary Lion. AM.


Last week’s forest inspired prompt set the setting for many clandestine tales in the woods, but this week the theme is ‘morning‘.



You have seven days to craft a post of 400 words of less, inspired by ‘morning’. Remember to include the tag ‘Literary Lion’ in your piece and to pingback to this post so we can find your work in the WordPress reader. Here is my morning tale…


Wake up.

I became aware of the frown on my face as soon as I gained consciousness. A radiant ray glistened from the window across my left eye. It narrowed the pupil and created warmth in a strip along my skin. The sunlight was headache inducing.

Dusty particles pirouetted across the beam, vanishing as soon as they crossed to the other side. I took a deep breath and a pungent stench attacked my insides. I opened my mouth to avoid it, but the smell enveloped my lungs after clinging to the back of my throat.

I tried to stand. My legs weren’t listening, they stayed heavy on the floor. As I shifted my head away from the sunlight the rest of the room became clear.

I was just one of many.

Rows and rows of them and the only one moving was me.




38 thoughts on “Literary Lion. AM.

  1. I like your story of becoming it made me feel how I did moments ago in a slow journey to wakefulness chased by light and in a slow heavy state. I particularly found the last line interesting ” I was just one of them.”

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  2. Sorry, I wasn’t able to join you the previous weeks. 🙂 I was on a break. This week, I am in.
    A lovely piece of writing. The last sentence gives it a whole new angle and leaves you wondering.

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  3. Interesting choice of “them” at the end, rather than “us”.

    I failed last week. I wrote “woods” at the very top of a new sheet of A4 and all I though about was teddy bears.

    I’m in this week. And have also gone for your theme of shafts of light in the mornings. 🙂

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  4. Great story – reminds me of being a student and waking up disorientated, somewhere strange, with a blistering hangover 🙂 Very well described.
    I finally did my story! Better last minute than never.

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