The Hemingway Day. Take Flight.

Often I point my camera at the sky and my finger finds its way to the shutter. Time and again I am greeted with a photograph that immediately falls victim to the delete button, but once in a while a little gem appears, with a perspective I hadn’t seen before. Sometimes in life, all you need to do is look up…



Take Flight.

In here, light led the escape.


22 thoughts on “The Hemingway Day. Take Flight.

    1. Thanks! I forgot to say the other day, my favourite line of The Simpsons… “Wait a minute. Bart’s teacher is named Krabappel? I’ve been calling her Crandall.” Its the way he delivers it, made me giggle. A lot.


      1. It’s the episode where Krabappel and Skinner are falling for each other, and that comment comes after there’s been a series of scenes depicting the rumour mill of them being seen kissing in the caretaker’s cupboard. Ralph says something about them making a baby and that he saw one of the babies. It’s not even one I watched a lot as a child but it made me laugh a lot when Homer says it. You’ll have to watch it.


      2. I remember the episode really well. How strange I don’t remember that line. I’ll check it out. I do remember Lisa pretending to have got food poisoning like the others (even though she didn’t eat meat) as she was that desperate to get out of the party.

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