The Monday Muse. 3 hours and 58 minutes.


My Sunday was spent grappling with 3 hours and 58 minutes of film history.

As the sun was lost to the horizon and the light disappeared from the room, my tenacity was finally greeted with the line I had been waiting for. Eight of the most iconic words to be written since The Lumière brothers started this crazy craze known as filmmaking.

3 hours and 58 minutes of my Sunday afternoon spent and what did I learn?

Scarlett O’Hara is an imbecile.

10 Oscars?

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.



24 thoughts on “The Monday Muse. 3 hours and 58 minutes.

    1. Haha! Exactly! I wondered as I was watching it if perhaps what I thought I knew of the film was completely incorrect, and that it was going to be about the other couple, but no, we kept on being pummelled with Scarlet O Bloody Hara. I’m glad I’m not the only one with this opinion.

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  1. Love this post, it contains everything you need to know about this movies. And it might help people saving 3 hours and 58 minutes of their lives :p

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  2. But in the day it was ground breaking. Sure, by today’s standards it’s no Jurassic World or Terminator: Genisys or Ant-Man. It would have probably only have won 3 oscars if release the same year as an Avengers film.


    1. How though? I’ve studied film and spent a couple of years working on film sets, so I can see how pieces such as Metropolis and Citizen Kane were groundbreaking at the time, even though people moan that they’re tedious now, but I’m failing to see where the ground broke with this one. Perhaps if they had written some trailblazing female character, but just as she shows an inkling of being way ahead of her time she lusts after being looked after by a rich man and makes mistake after mistake all because of, oh, a man. P.S You know I am not the Jurassic World or Terminator type. And don’t talk to me about the Avengers… 😉

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      1. You really didn’t like that film, did you? Ok, I agree. It was a waste of time, but there was one ground breaking part – Hattie McDaniel.

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      2. You might say that women like that just get on my nerves…

        Oh yes, her Oscar was definitely deserved, she was marvellous. Something she said about Scarlett being a spider, it made me chuckle, it was rather near the beginning, it gave me such hope…


      3. 8.2 on IMDB though, and that site is never wrong. As an example of its accuracy, there is no Adam Sandler movie rated higher than 2.7 (except Punch Drunk Love). Fact.


  3. Preach it, sister! That’s a word from the Lord! Rhett Butler is no peach, either. The two of them were actually made for each other. I hope I never have to play bridge with people like that.

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