Literary Lion. How to say goodbye.

When it comes to blooms and eyes, two of my favourite tales from the last month have included Graham’s In His Mind’s Eye and Andy’s Her Flowers. A good excuse for some escapism if you haven’t read either already…

But the cat has put his poet’s hat on for this fortnight’s Literary Lion prompt, the word is “Limerick“. Being such a wordy writer myself, I decided to take the prompt literally, and have penned a limerick, but there are of course many other interpretations out there to find…

You have 14 days to tell your limerick worthy tale in 400 words or less. As always please tag your post with Literary Lion, remember to pingback to this post and point me in the direction of your stories on Instagram and twitter.

Here is my little limerick…

How to say goodbye.

The air moved a vacuum of sound.

With a blunt breath and eyes on the ground,

the mortal invaded,

through sunlight he waded

and silence was heard all the way down.


35 thoughts on “Literary Lion. How to say goodbye.

    1. You’re very welcome, it was most deserved, and your story was one of the reasons I decided to start linking to a couple of posts each time. That’s awesome, I worked with a French lady for a few years and whenever she said my name it was like music to my ears!


      1. Imagine my delight after having promised myself to write for the last 5 years and to finally actually do it! I’m having a ball! The other story you chose was great too, really enjoyed it. Bonne nuit Mademoiselle! 😉

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  1. I love limericks. Mine were always silly. It’s great to read one in a very different style. I’m actually going to Dublin next month. I know it’s not the same place, but never been to Ireland before so super excited.

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