Literary Lion. Step Away.

My frozen tootsies have almost thawed thanks to two weeks of your sun-inspired sagas. One particular tale even left me with a sensation of the warm and fuzzy kind, you can find it thanks to Series of Adjustments’ blog here.

This week’s feline growl has told me of the prompt ‘Edge‘.

You have a two weeks to craft your stories of 400 words or less. Remember to pingback to this post, include the tag ‘Literary Lion’ so we can find all your stories in the WP reader, and of course give me a shoutout on Instagram and twitter.

Here is my edgy tale (with a photo inspired by this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge)…


Step Away.

I looked straight ahead. All I could see were the leaves whispering in the trees at the bottom of the ravine. His shadow lumbered into my peripheral. I felt the heat of his body as he eased closer. His toes grazed the edge with mine, causing the soil to melt away in tumbling crumbs.

“I always knew you would come here,” he said.

“I know” I replied. “When you step out it’s like flying.”

“I know” he replied.


43 thoughts on “Literary Lion. Step Away.

  1. As ever, you set the bar high for who follow in your footsteps (over the edge?) Lots of open questions and possibilities here. Isn’t that the fun – show, don’t tell. Have re-read it four times now, and have a consistent reading in my mind – so I’m happy.

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  2. Short and punchy. Do they know because they’ve been there before? Or is it what they’re telling themselves to make the step over easier? I’m intrigued and I like being intrigued 🙂


  3. Short and sweet, leaves us wanting more! I have a feeling these two are thrill seekers… or perhaps (because I like to go dark) jumping off the edge is an addiction of some sort to distract them from a greater pain. Oh, I do love trying to figure out the story behind the story!

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  4. Oh creepy, sad, reads full of hurt to me.

    Nothing springs to mind for me yet so I think I will sleep on it and hope for an idea 🙂


      1. Perfect. I completely lost track of when the prompt was posted (and was clearly too lazy to look). Thanks.


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