Literary Lion. Ice Ice Baby.

The past two weeks have delivered some interesting edgy tales, including this lovely piece of descriptive micro-fiction from a Literary Lion regular, Nortina.

But to this fortnight’s challenge, and the lucky lion is on his travels yet again, this time in the fabulous US of A, in La La Land itself.

The word of the moment is ‘Ice’.

You have two weeks to tell your tales of 400 words or less. Remember to pingback to this post, include the tag ‘Literary Lion’ so we can all read your story in the WP reader, and of course come and say hello on Instagram and twitter.

Here is my own little icy tale…



I’d never found courage enough to do it before.

I sat with my back against the window for the first time. The subtle sound of stepping feet came first. Then the silhouette in my peripheral. Then followed the slow tingling whisper of breath on the back of my neck.

As the sensation shot through the hairs on my skin, into each vertebrae of my spine and through the very bones holding me there, I turned to ice.


34 thoughts on “Literary Lion. Ice Ice Baby.

  1. You have a way with words of saying something exciting and important succinctly. I admire that. I could not figure out though why your main character wanted to try turning to ice, because she hadn’t done it before. It doesn’t seem like she can turn back. It has a very eerie feeling to the story especially the breath on the back of her neck. When you wrote that I knew this wasn’t good. Awesome writing.

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  2. Thanks for the honorable mention! 🙂
    And once again, a wonderfully, “chilling” (pun intended) piece. Very suspenseful. I have to know what happens next! Is the narrator hiding from someone? Is she frozen with fear? So many scenarios are going through my head. I love it!

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      1. Yeah. It was shit. Not deserving of your fine Lion. “Wimp out” is a harsh assessment though. More self-refining myoutput/yourinput.


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