Literary Lion. Red.

Every literary lion needs an extended cat nap once in a while… I am sorry mine was so extended, but I am back in the country and ready to reveal some exciting Literary Lion challenges.

The last challenge was very impressively met by this lovely piece of writing Ellespeth at balconyviewz… head over there now for a little chuckle and a great example of form.

The ferocious feline sent me all the way to Vegas (baby) with this one… the word of the week is ‘gamble‘. As always you have 400 words or less to tell your stories, please do remember to include the tag ‘Literary Lion’ in your post, pingback to this piece, and feel free to share with me on Instagram and Twitter.. Happy penning.

Here is my gambling tale…



It was all too familiar. The smoke lingering in the air, the enveloping cacophony of high pitched rings and chimes, the flickers of neon lights that winked from every corner. They had told me never to return here. The clerk gave me a knowing smile when he slowly slid the token across the counter.

So familiar it was between my fingers.

I stood, watching. Them, the happy, the sad, the hopeful, the hopeless, the inebriated.

I flicked the chip over and over again with my fingertips. A habitual trait.

One more chance.

One more.

Just. One. more.

With a burst of courage I cantered over to the table, sat down at the stall and tapped on the table with my one and only chip. The woman beside me gasped as she looked at the number. I pushed it forward with my scarlet lacquered finger tips.




36 thoughts on “Literary Lion. Red.

  1. Very tense story. It really pulled at your emotions and senses as you waited to find out if the chip landed where it was suppose to. How did you like Vegas? It’s one of my most favourite vacation spots.

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    1. Hi Laura 😊 Glad to have you back. I was also keen on hearing that which literary lion entry you picked out this time too. Or was that just once a month?

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      1. Well the Venetian or Paris have the nicest rooms but they take along way to get to your room. But we have been staying treasure island, the rooms aren’t quite as nice but the location is perfect for shopping at the fashion show mall, Caeser’s, and the Ventian. It is also close to the Mirage and the Wynn. The Wynn had a really great club called Tryst with a waterfall in it and the Mirage is a lovely hotel with lots of green plants, water fees tyres and a fantastic cirque de soleil show called ‘Love’ about the Beatles and their music!


  2. Quite atmospheric – all the different types of person one might expect to find are represented and I can’t help thinking your protagonist is in over her head. I shudder to think what will become of her future if it lands on black… or on red, for that matter.

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  3. I passed by here to see the current word and saw that my story was selected a few weeks ago. Thank you, Laura. Just goes to show one can’t really judge their own work…
    Oh! I hope it landed on red 😦 Gambling establishments are such shady places…the smell of smoke and booze and the forever hopeful faces.

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