Why engagement is the key to being a better blogger

Greetings oh blogging world. I am back this week with a piece I wrote for the wonderful Belong Magazine…

We all love our little blogger back and forths, and this month I have been exploring just why. Check out the piece on the Belong Magazine blog… here, and if you have any more blogging tips, feel free to share! x


2 thoughts on “Why engagement is the key to being a better blogger

  1. I read it and I guess you reminded me actually get followers and an audience again. Btw I would love to read your first post.

    Also, the thing that stings is when some bloggers get really famous and get good audience, how come they don’t interact as much?


    1. Ah good! Well interaction is the key to getting there, but keeping up with it once you’re there is probably a very different story! I find it tricky to keep up on all channels and I only have a small following, I imagine that tens of thousands of readers would be very difficult to keep up with. I guess it’s about finding some balance!

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