Day 88.

Homer Simpson’s life love after beer and his blue haired wife. The love of my life for a mere moment of this rain sopped bank holiday Monday. #100happydays #day88

Day 87.

Why of course happiness makes an appearance masquerading as a china bunny with an illuminated tail. What else could it conceivably have dressed up as? #100happydays #day87


Day 86.


The French do cuisine and cocktails very well, but when it comes to friends the English are masters. #100happydays #day86

Day 85.


So Laura created a fusion of milk and strawberries, producing a girlish glass of pink that no other liquid could hold a candle to. And Laura saw that it was good. #100happydays #day85

Day 84.


A little evening strolling to the polling. Don’t sneak a peek at your neighbour. #100happydays #day84

Day 83.


As a little person I was always rather jealous of my parents and their piles of post from the man in the red jacket, and it was with covetous hands that I would forage the pile in hope of seeing my name. Nowadays, a dose of adult realisation has taught me that the post is not so sensational, unless you receive the most wonderful of postbox surprises… a nuptial summons from a pair of fellow mad hatters that I know are going to wed amidst one hell of a party. I’m so excited it took me forever to be sensical. #100happydays #day83

Day 82.


The summer may have gone back to its regular home, but I can enjoy some interior sunshine in garish green courtesy of this bedside garden. #100happydays #day82

Day 81.

He may have a glistening gold face with diamond decked features, but make no mistake, he is ferociously fierce. The latest addition to our creature crammed nest. #100happydays #day81

Day 80.

We went down to the woods today, lost our disguise, got attacked by a mob of bears, but were fortunate enough to meet this kind souled cream furred fellow. We sunbathed together and he fed me burgers and hot dogs. #100happydays #day80

Day 79.


We are crown clad when it comes to shape making on the badminton court. We’re not so regal when the racket strings capture the shuttlecock and we look like a dog who has lost his ball. #100happydays #day79