Its feathered tentacles invaded his lungs.



Day 108.



A new resident has clomped its way into my ever expanding zoo of inanimate animal objects. Until the day comes when I can cling to a gorilla whose heart-is-a-thumping, this side table will have to suffice. Even if he does graze my cheek every time I nuzzle against him in affection.


Thank you for your patience amidst the wordiness of the last four weeks. I have said goodbye to the writing101 course and so will be resuming business as “normal”

Day 99.

It seems apt that on this day, the penultimate of this challenge, I am bombarded with cheery moments to choose from. Do I select the lunchtime bubbles and French food? Should I opt for the tones of Alexandre Desplat that dance around my office? Might I revel in the fact I can work in my pants when the sun beats a little too willingly? Or should I just photograph the Krispy Kreme I just gobbled in honour of National Donut Day? Instead of bothering my brain further I shall just appreciate the many people that have featured along the way, and those of you that grace one of my favourite walls in our abode, because you definitely pull at the corners of this sarcastic mouth. #100happydays #day99

Day 95.


Why hang your coat on a hook when you can drape it on the horn of a rhino, on the snout of a pig, or on the schnoz of a moo cow? #100happydays #day95

Day 54.


I find it beyond the bounds of possibility to pick a favourite film. One title rolls off the tongue whilst simultaneously my brain interrupts with a throng of others, and I find myself endlessly listing potential masterpieces. Hence the creation of the film wall… Alternate movie posters depicting some of the finest filmic hours some of us could ever hope to create. My homage to the greats. They have also provided some sanity whilst I’ve been forcing another set of star jumps and cursing the day Jillian Michaels ever graced my TV screen. #100happydays #day54

Day 41.


Our walls are adorned with little pieces of the soul. David Bowie, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul sit above the boy’s guitars, because they belong in the cool corner of our abode. That Bowie exhibition at the V&A was insane. Only Jesse Pinkman could pull off psychotic skull chic in a suit and aviators. I still have post Breaking Bad depression. #100happydays #day41

Day 32.


If only lions roamed the streets of London dressed in tailored jackets, I’d be like the crazy cat lady in the Simpsons, with an added dose of ferociousness. For now I have to settle for pictures, forever unsure as to whether it’s the daydream or the lion’s toffee nosed expression that makes me happy. Fierce cat lady.#100happydays #day32