Day 61.


A pre work riverside gorge… About half way through this monumentally monstrous morning meal I realised this might be the happiest I was to be all day. I was unequivocally correct, and I haven’t eaten since. #100happydays #day61

Day 38.


For the past two years my April the 6th breakfast has been served with a side of bridal anticipation, a helping of butterflies and a monumental cloud of hairspray. Both years I sauntered down the aisle ahead of a heavenly bride, willing myself not to be labelled the blubbering bridesmaid. I was victorious on that count, as were both pairs as troths were pledged and they moseyed into matrimonial magnificence. I may be all for staying forever young, but weddings certainly soften the coming of age blow. I’ll just go and cry into my bran flakes now. Happy anniversary. #100happydays #day38