Today my parade is basking in sunlight and is entirely rainproof, as I can finally say hello to the new and improved,, fresh from the surgeons table, because even the virtual among us need a little facelift once in a while…

To celebrate, here’s a little story from my ‘About Me’ page…



I was five. I could still taste the saccharine sweet remnants of chocolate on my tongue. My mouth was smeared with cocoa crumbs and icing. My parents walked in, mouths wide open.

“Laura! Did you take a bite of grandma’s birthday cake?”


And so the storytelling began…

Day 52.


Even though we four are officially fully fledged adults, my sisters and I are still chocolate hunters come Easter Sunday. We’ve roped in a few boys over the years… they definitely have a nose for chocolate. Today we quilted our bellies with the king of roasts, and satisfied our sweet tooths with lashings of egg hunt finds, all courtesy of the matriarch of our little Easter warren. #100happydays #day52