Day 71.


Today a beam of enlightenment was brought to my door as I was educated in the ways of the ginger beer drinker. I learned that this fiery fizzy substance is best sipped through a straw. Because breathing in ginger carbonated whispers is definitely not a pleasant experience. No one witnessed the spluttering, which led me to wonder who would have saved me had I fatally fallen at the hands of this spice infused devil. #100happydays #day71


Flash Fiction Friday. Florally Dead.


The flowers weren’t all that faded.

Day 43.


Nothing inspires a mind of more merrymaking on a Friday than the mere fact it is a Friday, the furthest point one can be from having to deal with the perils of the working week once again (mine has proved particularly perilous). This rubber duck also makes me merry. Along with the bubble bath he comes wading along in. Yes he’s pink and he’s a boy. #100happydays #day43