Day 102.

One of my favourite rituals when it comes to holiday packing… selecting the literary fodder I am going to guzzle whilst I’m drinking up the sunshine. #100happydays #day102


Day 53.


As we tootled towards Hampton’s palace today we heard the unmistakable melody of Star Wars dancing across the air towards us. At first I thought perhaps the royals had decided a marriage between old world England and space world Hollywood was one made in heaven, but the tune, in fact, belonged to the local funfair. Nostalgia definitely thrives amidst the aroma of candy-floss, donuts and toffee apples. #100happydays #day53

Day 46.


That little ray of sunshine shimmering across my iPad is entirely indicative of the slice of summertime we have just booked. Isn’t it oh such a bore and a chore when your relatives live on foreign soil and you simply must go and visit them? Hooray for holidays. #100happydays #day46