Today I am to take my cue from the first word on page 29 of the nearest book, and write a letter inspired by this word. So to Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire I turn, and to the word ‘Chance’.



Dear Chance,

I saw you lying there, dumped amidst a pile of the unwanted.

Once more you have fooled me. I am repeatedly bribed by your potential, so I persistently give you away, even when I should grip you tight between blood drained fingertips.

For years you have been masquerading – dressing yourself in beautiful gowns that are ill fitting. It is a clever facade, one of trust, of dogma and desire, but in reality you are a mere consequence of these; you are what we stoop to when we are longing for them instead.

I thought I’d spend a lifetime incessantly giving you away, but I shall be more frugal in spending your currency.


Laura Gabrielle Feasey.



The challenge of the day… to imagine you’ve stumbled across a letter that hasn’t made it to its addressee, and to create a story from it in as few words as possible.

So to the great Hemmingway for inspiration I go, incorporating this challenge with my usual Flash Fiction Friday series of six word stories…


If only they knew. He lived.



Flash Fiction Friday. Open It.


Its familiar handwriting seduced. Dangerous love.

Day 101.


Today I reprise my role as happiness huntress, and by doing so I am delving past the 100th day into a realm unknown. This cheery verdict came courtesy of a splendid postbox treat, inviting us to watch one of mother nature’s most perfectly crafted couplings getting hitched. This pixelated face is awash with squares of smile. #100happydays #day101

Day 77.


Apparently I once had all the makings of Madonna with my high notes and low notes, a comment that even Mr Cowell couldn’t hold a candle to. #100happydays #day77 #tbt