Who’s Bad?


You may have noticed my dwindling words over the past few months, and for that I have slapped myself on the wrist many times, so much so that my writer’s hand has almost suffered an injury.

For this reason, I have henceforth decided that the time has come to give my blogging habits an overhaul.

The rather lengthy lauragabriellefeasey.wordpress.com has now become ismithwords.com, and in celebration of this brevity, I am launching an exciting new flash fiction feature tomorrow.

The Monday Muse shall be back in full force next week, with The Hemingway Day returning amidst a flurry of six words on Friday. The Confessions of a Shop Assistant series shall also be making an appearance – warts and all – once a month too.

Here’s hoping that the words to come will make up for the recent silence.