Day 104.

From two heroes on court to several champions on screen…. today is a day of golden watching that will most definitely style the eyes a tad square. #100happydays #day104


Day 54.


I find it beyond the bounds of possibility to pick a favourite film. One title rolls off the tongue whilst simultaneously my brain interrupts with a throng of others, and I find myself endlessly listing potential masterpieces. Hence the creation of the film wall… Alternate movie posters depicting some of the finest filmic hours some of us could ever hope to create. My homage to the greats. They have also provided some sanity whilst I’ve been forcing another set of star jumps and cursing the day Jillian Michaels ever graced my TV screen. #100happydays #day54

Day 45.


The first time I stepped on a film set it oozed with the allure I had always envisaged it would. Fifteen hours in, all but dead on my feet, I could still summon a smile. My head takes up residence in la la land for much of the time, it’s itching for the writer’s seat on set, so why not bring a little of the magic into our living room? #100happydays #day45

Day 40.


Finally finding some reading time for the most legendary of all the film magazines, Little White Lies. I came across this little bible a few years ago and have found a home for every issue on my bookshelf ever since. We share a common loathing for Michael Bay. When I discovered this I knew we would share an eternal magazine/reader bond. #100happydays #day40

Day 39.


Getting lost in the world of film composers… In another life I would’ve dedicated my being to venturing forth into the world of Herrmann, Bernstein, Zimmer and Williams, whose orchestral worlds I could submerge in until the end of time. For now I’ll have to settle for a set of chopsticks, some speakers and a head in the clouds with my eyes closed. #100happydays #day39