Day 99.

It seems apt that on this day, the penultimate of this challenge, I am bombarded with cheery moments to choose from. Do I select the lunchtime bubbles and French food? Should I opt for the tones of Alexandre Desplat that dance around my office? Might I revel in the fact I can work in my pants when the sun beats a little too willingly? Or should I just photograph the Krispy Kreme I just gobbled in honour of National Donut Day? Instead of bothering my brain further I shall just appreciate the many people that have featured along the way, and those of you that grace one of my favourite walls in our abode, because you definitely pull at the corners of this sarcastic mouth. #100happydays #day99

Day 38.


For the past two years my April the 6th breakfast has been served with a side of bridal anticipation, a helping of butterflies and a monumental cloud of hairspray. Both years I sauntered down the aisle ahead of a heavenly bride, willing myself not to be labelled the blubbering bridesmaid. I was victorious on that count, as were both pairs as troths were pledged and they moseyed into matrimonial magnificence. I may be all for staying forever young, but weddings certainly soften the coming of age blow. I’ll just go and cry into my bran flakes now. Happy anniversary. #100happydays #day38