Day 96.

Who better to keep an eye on my enhanced appearance makers than the original glamour lady herself? The keeper of painted faces. #100happydays #day96


Day 95.


Why hang your coat on a hook when you can drape it on the horn of a rhino, on the snout of a pig, or on the schnoz of a moo cow? #100happydays #day95

Day 85.


So Laura created a fusion of milk and strawberries, producing a girlish glass of pink that no other liquid could hold a candle to. And Laura saw that it was good. #100happydays #day85

Day 58.


In a bid to collate my chaotic collection of loose pages I have invested my pretty pennies in a journal of the leather bound kind. One day soon these loose thoughts will have transmogrified into something bookshelf worthy. And what publisher could possibly resist a manuscript written entirely in pink ink? #100happydays #day58

Flash Fiction Friday. The Easter Bunny.

Pink rabbit. His parents are blue.

Day 50.


Today’s happiness stars a shopping bag loaded with a fuchsia cockatoo and a boy’s batman sweatshirt. The bird will join our household zoo of exotic creatures in rainbow shades. The sweatshirt will join my hare-brained wardrobe. #100happydays #day50

Day 42.


Cat socks. Beaming in luminous pink and purple. Just because my wardrobe is often muted in colour, does not mean my feet aren’t euphorically dancing in their shoes amidst rainbows. If I had a cat I would call him McQueen. Or Mr Whiskerson. Both sound rather grand. And they’d suit a squishy faced Persian. #100happydays #day42

Day 33.


I have discovered a pink hippo and taken it captive in my office. He likes eating Sylvanian Family beavers, vanilla flavoured lip gloss and gold quill ink. As luck would have it, I have all of those on my desk. Today has been filled with feeble April fools, although I was quite delighted at the prospect of my business cards being delivered by a pug. If only every day was greeted with such lunacy we’d all be sporting an eternal grin. #100happydays#day33