Day 79.


We are crown clad when it comes to shape making on the badminton court. We’re not so regal when the racket strings capture the shuttlecock and we look like a dog who has lost his ball. #100happydays #day79


Day 78.


Once the mercury levels surpass twenty there’s only two letters that need be uttered for the evening. G and T. #100happydays #day78

Day 77.


Apparently I once had all the makings of Madonna with my high notes and low notes, a comment that even Mr Cowell couldn’t hold a candle to. #100happydays #day77 #tbt

Day 76.


Often I wonder if I should work within a cocoon of blank walls to dissuade my daydreaming eyes. As the film world has its sights on Cannes, today’s reveries have been directed at whispers of a week spent six years ago at the film festival, an experience that has been etched on my soul evermore… #100happydays #day76

Day 75.


In need of summer decoration for the feet. Inexperienced applicants only. Will teach you the ways of the world and introduce you to a vast network of other footwear friends in comfortable wardrobe lodgings. Plenty of sunshine and lazy days included. Unique features appreciated. #100happydays #day75

Day 74.


Dinner time never looked so fine as in the Feasey Thomas household where gold reigns supreme and every meal feels like a banquet. Happiness can be unearthed in the most monotonous of objects. #100happydays #day74

The Trilogy.



This week’s Monday Muse is more purposeful than my usual tangent of thought, because I’m as pleased as vodka-spiked punch to snatch three more nominations from the blogosphere.

This trilogy of accolades is sticking the middle finger up to my single Liebster nomination of a few weeks ago… not that I wasn’t grateful then, whilst clutching my solitary award.

Shine On

I wouldn’t label myself as particularly shiny, but my new found optimism of late may be responsible for a slightly glossier exterior, and hence the Shine On Award.

With my task of writing seven facts about myself I hereby give you a collection of Monday musings…

  1. If I had a cat I would call him McQueen.
  2. I bought a jumper for a five year old last week because it had a monkey and a tiger on it, and no responsible adult clothing store would ever create something like that for a full grown woman. Suffice to say it did not fit. Five years olds are smaller than I thought.
  3. When I was six I shared an elaborate story with a girl about a ghost in the toilets. For fear of being haunted she avoided said loo and took a wee on the classroom floor. Not the happiest day for the teacher.
  4. I still have Easter egg chocolate from last year.
  5. Last night I had a dream about transparent spiders carrying millions of babies on their backs. I need to stop watching nature programmes.
  6. I get far too excited at the prospect of buying stationary.
  7. I once met Jean-Claude Van Damme and he was very small, very orange and rather wrinkly, although he did buy me a drink, at a free bar…

I am nominating a lovely fellow London dweller at The Colour Yellow for the Shine On Award.

Liebster-ing again

Having been nominated previously I shall not subject you to more fun facts, but I shall answer my nominators questions…

SarahRhea745’s questions.

Who was the last person you said “I love you”?

My dad. We’ve had the same sign off in conversation since I was younger and I made him say ‘I love you’ just so I could say ‘I love you more’.

Who would you want to play you if your life was a movie?

Jennifer Lawrence, because she has leans towards the insane side of the brain too…

You win the lottery, all debt has been paid off and you’ve already given money to your friends and/or family to help them out, what is your first frivolous purchase for yourself?

A McQueen gown, without a shadow of a doubt.

Day or Night?

Although I am in love with the sunshine and my imagination runs amok through darkness, I am forever a night owl.

You’re having a dinner party with 3 guests…who is with you? This is the twist…1 is living, 1 is dead, 1 is a fictional person or being.

Guillermo del Toro, but only if he brought his notebook, Alexander McQueen but only if he bought a pencil and Lord Voldemort.

Guiltiest pleasure?

Spending money.

Where are you in 10 years?

In all major book shops…

What is your favorite color?

Black, the most elegant of colours.

Do you have a token (book, bear, blanket, etc…) of your childhood you haven’t been able to let go?

I have a box stuffed with them and a trail between parents houses.

What’s your favorite curse word?

Bugger. Because it sounds great with an English accent.

When all your dreams come true, who do you want standing beside you?

I don’t think sarcasm will serve me well here so we shall go with the boy, my parents and a cacophony of other lovely loved ones.


Eli GarMont’s questions.

How you describe your style?

Definitely dark, hopefully chic with a touch of fairytale flamboyance.

Favorite food?

I don’t do favourites when it comes to food.

What’s the most important thing in a relationship?

Medicinal laughter.

Do you collect something?

Shoes, notebooks, plates, clothes, but all by hoarder default.

If you could be a pair of shoes, what type would it be?

A sleek, sky high pair of stilettos that look fabulous, cost a fortune and are extremely difficult to wear.

Favorite TV show?

Breaking Bad, for its scripts of gold.

What’s the main issue that worries you about your country and how you can change that?

How long have you got?

Favorite season and why?

Spring. Because the sunshine and expectation is like Prozac for the entire population.

Favorite quote?

I find quotes quite a perplexing beast. The world is too full of words to settle on just one memorable sentence.

What was your first thought when you saw this nomination?

Oh bugger.

Why eleven questions when it can be 10?

Why can it be 10?


Thank you to SarahRhea745 and Eli GarMont, who have both nominated me for another Liebster, and to Abbie of Contortum Designs who has given me a nod for the Shine On Award.

Day 73.


And so we have found the crucial tools for igniting some sparks of creativity as a song writing duo. I’m not sure that Thomas and Feasey has the same ring to it as Rodgers and Hammerstein or Lennon and McCartney but watch this space… #100happydays #day73

Day 72.


I was reminded today of my very first love. I was just five years old, it was love at first sight and I have been tumbling into an abyss of affection ever since. The object of my adoration was a black patent princess pair of brogues that had a key hidden under their heel. These days I lust after sleek stilettos with suede soles. They give my feet plenty of kisses, lots of hugs, sometimes they draw blood, but I’ll always forgive and forget in the end.

Day 71.


Today a beam of enlightenment was brought to my door as I was educated in the ways of the ginger beer drinker. I learned that this fiery fizzy substance is best sipped through a straw. Because breathing in ginger carbonated whispers is definitely not a pleasant experience. No one witnessed the spluttering, which led me to wonder who would have saved me had I fatally fallen at the hands of this spice infused devil. #100happydays #day71