Staring Contest.


Day 19 of photography101… ‘double’.

Staring Contest.

The glint of his eye glistened as mine flickered, the ink of his pupils darted where mine dashed, and the lids of his eyes shuddered as mine shivered. This was not a contest for the timorous.



20 thoughts on “Staring Contest.

  1. To me, between the words and picture, I thought the cat was trying to stare down his own reflection, but thought he was staring at another cat. Which is really funny. Am I the only person who sees it that way?

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    1. I haven’t had much feedback in terms of interpretation, but you are on the money, that is exactly what it’s about. I’ve often heard that cats don’t recognise their own reflections… I don’t know if it’s true, but it inspired the piece nonetheless!


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