Day 57.


Mr McQueen’s delightful treasure collection is to pond hop from the Met to the V&A next year. I used to trudge past his Mayfair house en route to work. I spied the master himself once, he smiled at me, there was no sweeter thing. #100happydays #day57

4 thoughts on “Day 57.

  1. McQueen has such an amazing compilation of photographs that speak louder that anyone could ever shout. Just had a view of his workbook and some of his works in Switzerland…I would stumble and fall daily next to his house πŸ™‚


    1. Well said! To be honest I did have to stop myself from craning my neck towards his windows several times! When I saw him it was just a few weeks before he died, it made me sadder somehow, such a talented man.

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    1. Ooh yes me too! I have one dress from his final collection and I will treasure it forever. If only I could own some of the really eccentric couture pieces… one day, haha! You too, thanks for commenting πŸ™‚


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