Generation ‘Car Window Music Video’-ers.


My thoughts took a nostalgic turn last week as I stumbled across Eli GarMont’s confession that he was a fully inaugurated member of the Spice Boy patrol over the era that Girl Power reigned supreme. This prompted my mourning over the nineties soundtrack that accompanied my early years. It did indeed include the Spice Girls, Take That and the Backstreet Boys, but it also featured the dulcet tones of Radiohead, Oasis and Blur once I’d begun to strive for elements of self conscious cool in my early teens.

This lead me to lament the loss of the days where I would sit in the backseat of my parents’ car, headphones in my ears, watching the rushing world go by as backdrop to my faint reflection in the window. I would pretend I was the latest Radio One flavour of the month and this was my music video.

In adulthood I have kept these make believe moments a shameful secret, until I confessed it to the boy and realised that perhaps we were all an MTV generation of music video pretenders. Not only did he also like to fantasize of fame whilst he window gazed, but he caught a friend doing the same on the train to a Limp Bizkit gig. We are all music stars at heart.


10 thoughts on “Generation ‘Car Window Music Video’-ers.

  1. I still find myself doing it now, at an age when I should be playing bingo and going on Saga holidays. In sensible shoes. With clip-on sunglasses.And a beany hat. My poor dog lay dejected on the floor the other evening, lead clipped on, desperate for a walk, as I devised a whole video in my head for I Don’t Care, by Fall Out Boy!


    1. Don’t EVER resort to Bingo and Saga holidays! When I started listening to the likes of Radiohead my music videos resorted to me throwing things across my bedroom, I think I did that to Champagne Supernova by Oasis too… embarrassing!! Perhaps we should all actually make them, you can film you and your dog, I can film myself throwing a tantrum.


  2. Laura!!!… I’m so glad you found inspiration on my blog to write this amazing post… I’m part of the “music video pretenders” too :D…

    I don’t know, but maybe we grew up with more “magic” than today, because we actually have “real” music tastes back then, not only what’s super top on the charts…

    By the way, let me tell you that every time I see something in your blog, I feel I’m reading something from a future star, I absolutely love your style (this is the Fashionista talking LOL)… Huge hugs for you!!!… Xxx Eli!…


      1. I think today’s kids didn’t even enjoy childhood, they just want be grown ups so badly… i.e: my nephews are all under 8, and they have all the same gadgets I have + others like videogames and stuff like that…


      2. That is very true! Although I do remember wanting to be an adult so much when I was younger, now I’m here… I’d rather be a child, haha!


  3. Hello there! Were you also attacked with memories of being tied to a chair on stage at school?
    Happy memories, and no matter how many times people tell us, the time does go far too quickly! Hope you’re well hon. Looks lilke you’re doing really well, Beautiful! xxx


    1. Sam! Thanks for commenting! My gosh, it was Take That How Deep is your Love at the talent show we forced them to put on wasn’t it?! I say we, I’m pretty sure I was the really annoying child that forced everyone into it a lot of the time… sorry! Such great memories, I really loved that school and the people in it! Hope you’re well too. I’m going to have that song in my head all day now… “do do do dooo” xxx


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