Day 10 of photography 101…’Mystery’.


Little bobbled droplets clung to the tips of my eyelashes, weighing heavily with every blink, but in the distance I saw life.

15 thoughts on “Bitter.

  1. And here is the second capital scene of the fairy tale movie. Is it Snow White or a beautiful unknown warrior princess I can see over there at the edge of the wood?
    Gorgeous pic!


      1. Where and when was it for having that much snow? I love snow but that is not very often we have the chance of seeing it here. 😦 Snow makes everything look pure and magical!


      2. It was actually just here in England, in Oxford a few years ago, there was just a lot of it and it was over a few fields that people barely walked through, so it built up over a few days… plus I am very short, so for it to be up to my knees is probably not as high as you might think!

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      3. 😀
        As I am very tall, I might didn’t even have noticed that there were snow at all.
        I have to admit Oxford is a big fantasy of mine… I dreamt about studying there for years. Are you at the University there?

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      4. You should definitely visit, it is such a beautiful city. I didn’t actually study there, although I do often regret not doing so, it’s my home but I’ve been in London for some time ever since moving here for university… another beautiful city!

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      5. I fell in love with London the two times I visited and would be thrilled to move and live there for a while!
        I never stayed long but I hope that I can come and visit for more than a few days.
        Londong parks are wonderful too! In Jame’s Park I met a nice squirrel that I named Jammie, she just had to be a girl…

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