Today’s The Hemingway Day, telling tales of deceptive appearances…



The pupils peering back weren’t hers.

Thanks to the Daily Post for the photo prompt.


27 thoughts on “Stranger.

      1. Thank you very much! I’ll definitely be able to squeeze in a short story… I’m currently working my way through some classics that have passed me by over the years, I’m reading Frankenstein at the moment!


      2. A great book. That and Dracula are the definitive gothic masterpieces. Have you ever dressed up for World Book Day? I never had that at my school but the newspapers are full of funny pictures.

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      3. Yes Dracula is next on my list, someone else mentioned it when I said I was reading Frankenstein. I was wondering exactly the same myself yesterday, I’ve been through a fair few fancy dress costumes in my time (probably more so in adulthood than I like to admit), but I don’t think any were for world book day. My teacher friend was dressing as a banana yesterday! It’s good it’s getting such attention though, any promotion of books and reading is definitely a good thing.


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